Technical Delivery Lead – Recreo Financial Technologies

19 March 2020

IT professional scores ‘hat trick’ by securing 3 dream roles over 14 years with That Agency’s Tom Huckerby

Since first meeting Tom Huckerby, talent acquisition expert and co-founder of That Agency, way back in 2006, Edbert Prawiranegara has achieved massive success in his career. His most recent role is Technical Delivery Lead at Recreo Financial, an Australian-based provider of digital administration services for the superannuation and investment industries, where he leads a 30 strong team of people on a range of projects. Tom initially presented this opportunity to Edbert back in 2014, where he has remained since and never looked back.

“Tom isn’t your average recruitment agent. From the moment we met, he was all about getting to know me, my goals and what I was looking for in my career. Tom is so easy to talk to and he really listens and takes the time to get to know you. He doesn’t just want to place people in any job. He makes sure that both parties are satisfied.”

But it wasn’t always this way. Before working with Tom, Edbert had a number of recruitment experiences that left him uncomfortable and unhappy, ultimately losing faith in recruitment agencies as a whole.

“I applied for one job online and then the agents interviewed me via a phone conference in a really formal process. They didn’t give me a clear understanding of the company, and so when I met the employer, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good interview or fit for me.”

What sets Tom apart from your average IT recruiter? He always prioritises matching the right role for the right person. He takes the time to understand not just the job seeker, but explain to them what the client is looking for, what the role entails, and how the organisation works. More importantly, Tom only presents job offers where he’s confident you can make a valuable contribution to the organisation. As a tech lead, Edbert states this is what’s made him (and the companies he’s worked for) so happy and fulfilled over the years. After all, when you walk into an interview with a potential employer, your number one asset is information. Knowing who your new boss is going to be – not just the organisation, but the person you’ll be answering to – is fundamental. After all, that is the person you’ll be working with day in and day out, and the one you’ll be answering to.

“That’s the thing about Tom. He goes out of his way to tell you who the boss is and how they like to run things and what they’re trying to do. Because of the way Tom always makes sure my skills are in line with what the client is looking for, I never walk into an interview feeling unprepared or worried about the outcome.”