Tom Huckerby

An IT and Recruitment Specialist with a Difference

Tom Huckerby is an IT Specialist, Recruiter, and Co-Founder of That Agency. Prior to joining That Agency, Tom was the Managing Director of Phoenix People for over 17 years.

But what sets Tom apart from other IT recruiters?

Firstly, with a strong background in IT & Telecommunications, Tom has a deep understanding of the technical needs of various IT roles, and what it takes to complete these jobs to the highest standard. As a result, Tom is confident in his ability to connect the right IT talent to the right role, first time – every time.


“I’ve been there, I’ve done the IT support and the hard yards on the tech. I know what it takes to do those jobs and to do them well.”


Secondly, Tom is constantly up to date with the latest technical trends and innovations, making him a valuable source of information for clients and candidates. If a client is unsure of what they need to complete a project, chances are Tom can recommend a custom solution that works for them.

Finally, Tom has an innate ability to connect with people of all backgrounds and technical proficiencies. From employers and IT specialists to HR departments. His genuine enjoyment of people, along with his ability to communicate in a clear, easy to understand way, ensure that all parties involved are on the same page and enjoying the experience too.


“When you talk to people and really listen to them, you get a tremendous understanding of their motivations, whether they’re the client or the candidate. And motivations are crucial – you can really qualify someone from their motivation.”


Although Tom had enormous success with his own company, after working with Lisa Kennedy as a trusted counterpart for almost ten years, it was a natural evolution that they would partner up to launch That Agency.


“I’m really proud of what I have achieved with Phoenix People, but now, I’m so thrilled to be able to partner up with Lisa, because we’re both relationship people and we have complete trust in each other.”


It’s their shared values and work ethics that make Lisa and Tom such a dynamic duo. They are both extremely driven and committed to providing exceptional recruitment services to clients and candidates. But it’s also their core belief in the importance of people, and the relationships they are able to build, that will see them achieve wonderful things with That Agency.


“I love connecting with people and the thrill of the sale. Getting someone that job and making sure that person wants the job wholeheartedly. Ensuring it’s a perfect fit for everyone. This is my strength. And now I’ll be able to work in partnership with Lisa, which will be even better.”