Group CIO – Digital Automation and Innovation Executive – RACQ

20 March 2020

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) increases contract workforce by 10 percent with Lisa Kennedy’s talent acquisition services 

When Greg Booker joined RACQ as their Digital Automation and Innovation Executive, he found it hard to find and secure high-calibre IT talent in the admittedly small Brisbane market. After reaching out to talent acquisition expert Lisa Kennedy for help, RACQ boosted the amount of contract workers in their technology and digital sector by 10 percent, resulting in an extra 20 to 25 employees at their peak period. By quickly filling these valuable roles in a seamless and cost-effective manner, RACQ saw improved operational efficiency and increased employee satisfaction.

“Her ability to then place the people she finds into a role and then look after them is second to none. Lisa really is a standout IT recruiter who is truly dedicated to both her clients and the job seekers she represents.”

To achieve these outcomes, Lisa first consulted Greg on his recruitment needs, which covered a wide range of roles from digital to insurance skillsets. By utilising her strong communication and talent acquisition skills, Lisa drew from her far-reaching network to narrow down a list of the best candidates. In fact, Lisa personally travelled to Brisbane on a monthly basis to conduct interviews over the phone, through video link and in-person, making sure each candidate met RACQ’s highest standards.

“The thing about Lisa is that she genuinely manages the people she places in roles. Because she stays in touch with them, we call on her if issues come up and we need her to handle the situations. And she does.”

Even after securing these roles, Lisa maintained regular communication with both Greg and each contractor she introduced to RACQ. She effectively resolved disputes, gathered constructive feedback from management, and gave workers the support they needed to achieve their professional goals – even if it means encouraging them to pursue permanent roles, or even vice versa. This level of reassurance meant that contract workers could rely on Lisa for support at all times, resulting in increased company morale and employee satisfaction.

“From when I introduced her at RACQ to the next time I looked up, she had eight to ten people calling on her and was fulfilling valuable roles. So, there’s no need for any micromanagement with Lisa. Her professionalism works well both ways, for her and the organisation.”